Tumult In Afghanistan: Is It Time To Rethink Indian Foreign Policy?

Tumult In Afghanistan: Is It Time To Rethink Indian Foreign Policy?

As gun-totting Taliban men marched into the presidential palace in Kabul and horrifying pictures and video grabs from the neighbouring Afghanistan emerged today, saddening millions across India, while Pakistan is rejoicing. It has got its muscle and breath back because they have managed to outsmart the Americans and secured their Western borders.

USA’s presence were from Pakistan’s and China’s perspective a spanner in their future planning. Whither Indian Foreign Policy. It looks as if it is in a Doldrum for the time being. Am told we have still not completely evacuated our people from Afghanistan and the air space has been sealed by the new Afghani dispensation

India is stuck between the Devil and the Deep Sea. In between USA and China The former is a completely unreliable ally. With a history of instigating wars and then vanishing at convenience, the oldest democracy on the planet has discredited itself for long.

China on the other hand is a rogue dragon on the loose. And so pops up the question: Is it time for a revival of the Nehruvian Non Aligned Movement to come as the pivot of our foreign policy, which at present, seems to be on the defensive ?

This, am sure, will give an alternative to those opposed to both China and USA but perforce unhappily choosing the lesser of either of the two evils. Iran, Iraq, Russia and many of their type are in the China camp, thanks to the anger and hatred against USA.

Had Trump won the elections we would have probably been pushed to war with China, fighting his war on our soil - a very very dangerous predicament. India, courtesy its foreign policy flip-flops has alienated its traditional historical allies Iran, Iraq, Russia, largely because of overtly leaning too heavily on USA.

India of today is bereft of a dependable ally who would stand by through hail and storm. We are being isolated in a sea of lip-serving perceivable friendships.

Pakistan is getting its muscle back with China backing it tooth and nail in its covert Afghanistan operations and Pakistan will once again reposition itself from strength internationally as a moderator, arbiter and influencer in the Afghanistan imbroglio.

The China-Pakistan-Afghanistan-Iran-Iraq-Turkey axis assuming a horrendously alarming situation for India. Time for Indian think tanks to start thinking of revisiting the Nehruvian Model of the Non-Alignment movement vis a vis the current unhappy international situation it finds itself in. Yes For one, I strongly think Indian approach on foreign policy needs a course correction!

(The writer is retired Chief Warden Civil Defence Lucknow)

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