Pakistan, The Villain Of A World Spiralling Into Disorder

Pakistan, The Villain Of A World Spiralling Into Disorder

The situations spin-balling off in the past few weeks have more or less ascertained the role of Pakistan, singly, in fomenting terrorism in the world. Pakistan the only country in the world which swore allegiance to Terrorism as a state policy, and still went on to fool the Western World for over 3 decades with stealth and deceit.

Their guile having been exposed has taken the lid out of their nefarious designs of destabilising the world through Terrorism. Also clandestinely working for the creation of an alliance where the dragon China threatens a Chinese Colonial agenda thrust on to the world.

The Axis - China-Pakistan-Afghanistan-Iran-Iraq-Turkey threatens to destabilise the existing world order and provide supremacy to China. Russia though being a part of the perceived axis, may not be a happy partner. It could be in it more so for its anti-USA stance and not being left out of the plan of the Axis emerging as a possible Asian powerhouse to drive and direct the future world order.

Whether the Americans have realised their folly of having been taken for a ride by a Rogue Pakistan , or they still love being a fall guy remains to be seen. Though it is crystal clear that Pakistan diverted the play and attention into the neighbouring country while they fiddled fed and armed the terrorists under a covert and an invisible Pakistani umbrella.

That China was the rudder in the plan, too has become more and more apparent. The rich mineral pickings of Afghanistan gave wings to Chinese decision of aiding and abetting with Pakistan in the unholy alliance of feeding the army of barbarians.

From taking over the largest copper mines in Afghanistan to the rich reserves of Lithium , the necessary ingredient for the next Gen-Green Electric Automotive revolution, China has its eye set the list is endless.

To spike the unholy Chinese And Paki’s agenda , the very Taliban rogues they groomed could end up being the doubled edged swords. Cutting the very hand of Pakistan that fed and nurtured them. If the Western world fails yet again to punish Pakistan for fooling and brutally stabbing it in the back, the world will see a regional upheaval of Talibani fanatical breeds all over the world specific to the Western alliances Emboldened by their recent successes in Afghanistan.

The need for Pakistan to be taught a lesson has become more pressing than ever. From imposing economic trade and travel sanctions, to diverting the dissenting Taliban factions into fanning local separatists ambitions within Pakistan. The list is endless. The resultant chaos and disorder in Pakistan could effectively arrest the formation of the Axis and limit the dissenting Talibani factions within themselves, while the world finds a sustainable solution.

A disoriented Pakistan would also check the unbridled expansionist agenda of China. From a failed state to occupying a position of being a fulcrum of the perceived Axis it could also be the very reason for the disintegration of the perceived Axis. But the need to make Pakistan pay for its misdeeds has become more and more pressing!

Que Será, Será

(The writer is retired chief warden, Civil Defence, Lucknow)

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