The Saturday Book Review: India’s China Challenge - A Journey through China’s Rise and What it means for India

The Saturday Book Review: India’s China Challenge - A Journey through China’s Rise and What it means for India

The Saturday Book Review

Title: India’s China Challenge - A Journey through China’s Rise and What it means for India

Author: Ananth Krishnan

Publisher: Harper Collins (2020)

ISBN: 978-93-9032-768-3

Rating: *****

The Pandemic Covid 19 often debated and questionably referred to as being of Chinese origin, has brought the world to its knees. What has been even more surprising ,is that, China uses this as an opportunity to synchronise its aggressive expansionist agenda, while the world is hurtling towards economic recession Taking on issues with around 18 countries and creating situations which reshape the International relationships between countries,China has come a long way.

Chinas Muscle flexing in the South China Sea , the Indo Pacific area ,economic subjugation of countries are all on display , blatantly today It is a claimant ,with no hold’s barred, pushing itself forcefully ,as the most powerful country in the world with an attempt at dislodging USA from the coveted position.

It chooses once again to specially target India to further its Expansionist Agenda , re-igniting the memories of the 1962 Chinese Aggression . The entire LAC is on fire Its silent salami slicing activities appear to be a method of the past . China comes to the forefront with an open challenge of territorial acquisition and a threat to the security of not only the region but of a stable world order.

Its relationships with Pakistan to further accentuate India's security concerns both on the borders as well on international fora’s ,have put India into, a rather uncomfortable position. Today China is viewed with Suspicion more than ever, and risks isolation from a large part of the world.

How has China reached, where it has? Its remarkable economic transformation , how it has been driven ,have been the subject of wonder and open debates in the official and unofficial forums. The author Ananth Krishnan ,the China Correspondent for Leading National dailies, had the great opportunity of travelling and reporting through China time and again.

He had a ringside view of the country’s remarkable transformation . He tells the story of a complex political relationship, and how China- and its leading opinion makers-view India.It looks at the economic dimension and cultural connect and the internal political and social transformations in China that continue to shape both the country’s future and its relationships with India.

The author attempts to unpack India’s China Challenge which according to him is fourfold. The political challenge of a One Party rule that has succeeded in infiltrating and reshaping the future trajectories of International and Global Institutions. The Military Challenge of a huge common border ,which remains unresolved and a flash point for continued skirmishes.

The Challenge of peaceful co-existence and learning from the Great Chinese economic growth story and the Challenge to re-engineer our relationships with our Neighbour with whom we share a common boundary of over 4000 Km(approx.).

In the words of the author "Trying the four challenges together is what is in my view, perhaps the greatest challenge of them all: the conceptual challenge of reassessing how we think about and engage with our most important neighbour. This is a question I try to address throughout the book, as I make a case for re-examining some of our most deeply held conventional wisdoms on everything from the China model and the reasons behind its economic success, to the boundary dispute and the war.”

Shekhar Gupta writes:

“Our obsession with navel gazing has built a dangerous ignorance about China.Ananth Krishnan helps remedy that. He is that rare Indian who spent years in China- studying, interacting, reporting. His book is a most engaging, significant and timely read.”

The book is a must possess for all those engaged in a serious understanding of the Chinese trajectory and its Indo China fallouts . What the world can forecast for the Chinese Road ahead, and its implication for a rapidly changing world order.

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