Mafias, Criminals Are A Barrier In Development: Yogi Adityanath

Mafias, Criminals Are A Barrier In Development: Yogi Adityanath

Gorakhpur, December 10 (TNA) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath emphasized on Saturday that the dominance of the mafia, whether in cooperatives or any other sector, hinders development and adversely affects the well-being of the common people.

“Such circumstances prevailed in Uttar Pradesh before 2017. However, with the intensified crackdown on mafia networks in the state, there has been a notable shift in public perception. Today, Uttar Pradesh is witnessing substantial developmental works, leading to increased income for the people,” the CM stated.

CM Yogi was addressing a gathering following the inauguration of the newly constructed commercial complex of District Cooperative Federation (DCF) Limited in Nathmalpur, Gorakhpur. On this occasion, he highlighted that prolonged gang wars in Gorakhpur had led to an identity crisis for the residents. Entrepreneurs were reluctant to invest, and banks were hesitant to provide loans to the youth, he pointed out.

The absence of significant development projects was evident, and even when such projects emerged, the influence of the mafia often led to contract disputes and gang wars. “The cooperative movement has been the soul of India's development. States that understood its fundamental concept and importance advanced in development. States that neglected cooperatives or allowed cooperatives to fall into the hands of the wrong people lagged behind. The backwardness of the state also had a negative impact on per capita income,” he pointed out.

Yogi Adityanath said that cooperatives in Uttar Pradesh were deliberately weakened through malicious actions. He pointed out that prior to 2017, the Reserve Bank of India canceled the licenses of 16 district cooperative banks in the state, resulting in severe consequences for small farmers and traders who had deposited their money in these institutions. Many faced financial ruin, making it challenging for them even to arrange funds for significant life events such as their daughters' marriages.

“Today, many banks have become operational again with the help of the government,” the CM added. The Chief Minister said that a model of the cooperative could be created among small land-holding farmers by forming FPOs and linking them with different works like food processing, storage etc. These models are expected to inspire a significant number of people, leading to increased employment opportunities.

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