Sri Lanka Headed For A New Constitution, Says President Rajapaksa

Sri Lanka Headed For A New Constitution, Says President Rajapaksa

The President further said that he will not in any way act to breach the trust placed in him by the people.

COLOMBO || Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Thursday said that the 19th amendment to the constitution will be abolished to pave way for a new constitution as people have given mandate for it during recently held Parliamentary elections.

Delivering the policy statement of the new government at the ceremonial sitting of the Parliament on Thursday afternoon, he also said that a new constitution that suits the country giving prominence to ‘one country and one law’ will be introduced.

He further said that the present electoral system will also be changed with the new constitution. It may be noted that 19th amendment brought by previous government had put a two-term limit on Presidency and curtailed the executive powers of President and transferred it to parliament and independent commissions.

The Rajapaksa family had alleged that the amendment was brought specifically to target the family. The new cabinet in its first meeting held on Wednesday had granted approval to abolish the 19th amendment and replace it with the 20th amendment.

Sri Lankan President also stated that the public mandate given to him at the parliamentary polls prove that the public is satisfied with the service done by his administration since Presidential election 2019.

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