Moroccan Royal Cabinet Recalibrates PJD's Foreign Policy Stance On Israel-Palestine Conflict

Moroccan Royal Cabinet Recalibrates PJD's Foreign Policy Stance On Israel-Palestine Conflict

Rabat, March 13 (TNA) The Royal Cabinet on Monday released a statement reprimanding the Justice and Development Party (PJD) for its recent declaration regarding Moroccan-Israeli relations in relation to developments in the occupied Palestinian territories. The Royal Cabinet emphasizes that Morocco's position on the Palestinian issue is constant and inalienable, and that it is one of the priorities of His Majesty the King's foreign policy, as well as the issue of territorial integrity.

The statement further underscores that the Kingdom's foreign policy is a prerogative of His Majesty the King, exercised in the supreme interest of the homeland, with territorial integrity at the forefront. The Royal Cabinet also reminds that the Kingdom's international relations cannot be subjected to any blackmail, particularly in a complex global context.

It also criticized the PJD for attempting to instrumentalize a fundamental issue of foreign policy, which falls within the exclusive domain of the Sovereign, and committing a regrettable precedent that raises questions about the real motives behind its actions. The PJD could have used institutional and democratic channels to express its opinions, particularly through the relevant committees and mechanisms for interaction with the government, instead of resorting to a vague and evasive declaration that repeats the same shortcuts and language used by the Kingdom's adversaries.

This Royal Cabinet statement emphasized the importance of the Palestinian issue for Morocco and the Kingdom's sovereignty in defining its foreign policy.

It also highlights the importance of respecting institutional and democratic channels to express opinions, and not to attempt to instrumentalize such fundamental issues as foreign policy for partisan purposes.

The statement concludes by questioning the true intentions of the PJD's recent actions, particularly in light of its contradictory stances on recent Turkish and Turkish PJD reversals and their renewed relations with Israel.

The statement firmly stated that the re-establishment of relations between Morocco and Israel was a state decision made under specific circumstances related to the recognition of the Moroccan Sahara by President Trump, and with all parties, including the PJD, having been informed beforehand. The PJD was a signatory to the 2020 tripartite declaration, and even the current Secretary-General of the PJD was informed and expressed his full agreement.

The Royal Cabinet's statement reflects a clear and responsible stance in response to the PJD's attempts at manipulation and political grandstanding on a matter of foreign affairs. It is a reminder that foreign policy is the prerogative of the Sovereign, exercised in the supreme interest of the homeland and with respect for democratic institutions and channels.

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