"Moroccan King's Speech Defines Priorities Of National Agenda for Coming Period"

"Moroccan King's Speech Defines Priorities Of National Agenda for Coming Period"

RABAT || The speech of HM King Mohammed VI, delivered Friday at the opening of the 1st session of the 5th legislative year of the 10th legislature, was frank and strong and defined the priorities of the national agenda for the coming period, said speaker of the House of Advisors (upper house), Hakim Benchamach.

HM the King focused in His speech on the major priorities of rehabilitation and preparation of conditions to cope with the repercussions and economic impacts generated by the coronavirus pandemic, announcing the operational launch of the Strategic Investment Fund, Benchemach said in a statement.

This Fund will concern not only projects related to supporting companies that create jobs, but also monitoring companies and the economic fabric in a strategic manner, aiming in particular to implement the new development model, the main thrusts of which will be announced shortly.

The royal speech also emphasized the social challenges related to access to economic and social rights stipulated in the Constitution, for the benefit of a large fringe of Moroccans, but this time through the generalisation of social coverage and protection in the broadest sense of the term.

The project of social coverage and protection shows that there is a fundamental change taking place in the nature and duties of the Moroccan state, so that it is more than ever a welfare state, he noted.

The greatest challenge for parliamentarians is to support the government, which must implement the legal tools, he added, while expressing his hope that the components of parliament will follow these reform projects with patriotism.

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