Yogi Holds A Chaupal In Vantangiya Village As A Part Of The ‘Gaon Chalo Abhiyan’

Yogi Holds A Chaupal In Vantangiya Village As A Part Of The ‘Gaon Chalo Abhiyan’

Gorakhpur, February 14 (TNA) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath reiterated on Wednesday that the double-engine government of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) stands committed to ensuring the prosperity, happiness, and security of all sections of society.

"This is Modi ji's guarantee, and the government is moving forward with full commitment to fulfil it. Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's guidance, the double-engine government not only provides security and dignity to the people but also empowers them to be self-reliant," he stated.

As part of the nationwide Gaon Chalo campaign aimed at assessing the effectiveness of government welfare schemes and raising awareness among villagers, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath convened a Chaupal in a village to engage with the residents and inform them about the schemes.

Upon reaching Rajhi Azadnagar (Vantangiya village) of Gorakhpur, Yogi interacted with villagers, gathering information about the benefits they have received from government initiatives. He also talked to children during the visit, inquiring about their studies, distributing chocolates, and encouraging them to excel academically.

Following his interactions with beneficiaries, Chief Minister Adityanath addressed the gathering in Rajahi, highlighting the comprehensive positive changes brought about by the double-engine government. "Before 2014, the village went unnoticed, the plight of the poor was disregarded, women's issues were neglected, and the well-being of the youth was overlooked. Farmers were devastated, hunger claimed lives, and suicides among farmers were rampant."

He emphasized that today, government schemes aimed at benefiting every segment of society, including villages, the poor, farmers, women, and youth, are making remarkable progress. The Chief Minister highlighted the substantial achievements of the double-engine government in Uttar Pradesh, stating that 55 lakh 83 thousand people have been provided with housing, a benefit that was previously inaccessible to many.

Additionally, over 2 crore 63 lakh toilets have been constructed, while 15 crore residents benefit from free ration distribution. Notably, 10 crore people are enrolled in the Ayushman Bharat scheme in Uttar Pradesh alone. The government is working to ensure that the benefits of every scheme reach every poor person.

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