UP Issues COVID-19 Guidelines For Cane Crushing Season

UP Issues COVID-19 Guidelines For Cane Crushing Season

LUCKNOW || With the forward and deadly march of the Coronavirus continuing unabated in Uttar Pradesh, the state government has issued guidelines for the cane crushing season, which is to be implemented for the sugar mill labourers and cane growers, an official said on Sunday.

Commissioner, Cane and Sugar Sanjay R Bhoosreddy has issued detailed guidelines for Covid free operation during the forthcoming crushing season and to adopt safety protocols during departmental activities.

The top official informed the media that these guidelines were in lines with the ones issued by the union and the state government earlier, soon after the outbreak of the pandemic in India.

He added that necessary instructions have been issued to sugar mills for arrangements of hand sanitisation at entry gates, office premises, canteens and other places. The use of masks at work sites, social distancing, and cleanliness and sanitisation of machines and other goods will be mandatory. The regular testing of the health of the workers and emergency medical arrangements will have to be established.

Instructions have also been given to conduct 100 per cent health test of seasonal employees of mills at the time of joining in crushing season and to isolate sick employees. In addition to this, sugar mills and Cane Societies have also been directed to conduct thermal screening of all personnel and farmers at cane Society offices and cane purchasing centres.

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