Sidharth Nath Singh Trashes Charges Of Priyanka Vadra On Unemployment In UP, Shows Data To Call Off Her Bluff

Sidharth Nath Singh Trashes Charges Of Priyanka Vadra On Unemployment In UP, Shows Data To Call Off Her Bluff

Lucknow, February 19 (TNA) The Uttar Pradesh minister for MSME Sidharth Nath Singh on Saturday trashed charges of Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and asked her to get a fact check before levelling baseless and unfounded allegations against the BJP government, which was relentlessly working for the welfare of the people.

Vadra had recently claimed that no employment had been generated in Uttar Pradesh and that the youth of UP were jobless under the watch of the Yogi Adityanath government. Rebutting the charges made by Vadra, the UP minister cited the “current CMIE data” which pegs the “unemployment rate in UP is 3%.” Singh pointed out that while this was one of the lowest in India, it was much better than the Congress-governed Punjab where this figure stood at 9%.

“We have worked a great deal towards generating employment. The better law and order situation has changed the image of the state, and during our first Investors Summit we signed MoUs for investment worth Rs 4.68 lakh crore. A record Rs 3 lakh crore worth projects have already been executed” the minister pointed out.

The state government has also created self-eemployment through various schemes like the Chief Minister Self-employment scheme, ODOP and various other schemes, start ups run by the union government.

Even during Covid-19, he underlined, the state received investment proposals worth over Rs 66,000 crore. A recent survey done by UP Industrial Consultants Ltd found that 11.48 lakh units out of 95.49 lakh MSME units financed by banks in the past five years have provided employment to more than 30 lakh people, he informed.

“If these results are extended to the entire units, then the total employment generated by the 95.49 lakh units is more than 2.6 crore youth.. Prior to 2017, the unemployment rate in the state was as high as 17.1%, but we have brought it down to 3 % (as per CMIE)”, the minister further said.

The minister further informed that as against 1.10 lakh jobs created by successive governments in 10 years, the BJP government in just five years had given government jobs to more than 4.50 lakh youth. Other than this more than 3.50 lakh contractual jobs have been given in government departments of the state. Through various voluntary organisations, more than one crorw women have been assimilated and encouraged to jointly start a venture.

Also, the minister added, while only ten lakh many days were created under Mnrega in ten years, in the past five years of the BJP rule, more than 1.50 crore man hour jobs have been created. In the middle, small and micro industry sector, while just 45 lakh jobs were created in 70 years, the incumbent BJP government had created more than 2 crore jobs for the youth in the past five years.

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