Pilibhit MP Varun Gandhi Working To Get Poor Kids Get Admission In CBSE Schools

Pilibhit MP Varun Gandhi Working To Get Poor Kids Get Admission In CBSE Schools

Pilibhit, July 21 (TNA) At a time when politicians and governments are only making claims and dishing out promises with regards to the right to education to all sections of the society, Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh is seeing some reassuring changes.

For here an initiative by the local Lok Sabha MP Varun Gandhi, who has personally spoken to management of at least six CBSE schools here to get poor children admitted.

All have them have agreed, it is reported. Good education not just because their parents cannot afford the expensive education cannot be just accepted, Gandhi says.

He reportedly emphasised to school managements that they hade earned good money and it was time to pay back to the society and the best way for it is giving admission to the marginalised children and in turn earn their blessings.

He also clarified it as nothing like interfering in the business models of these schools but only trying to remind them of their social responsibilities which in turn would ring in a huge change in the lives of these poor children.

"If promising poor children are given admission in school and free education is given, then the future of all such children will become brighter, who are deprived of quality education due to financial constraints" he added.

The government had issued an order about three years ago to fix quota in CBSE board schools for the admission of poor children. Initially proactive approach had got some success but then the government mandarins apparently got busy with other things.

The BJP MP is also trying to help deserving sportsmen in the countryside and says efforts are being made at his level to encourage sports and players of the district. In this context also he will take suggestions from the players, he pointed out.

If some players are not able to participate in the big competition due to financial resources or any other reason, then efforts will also be made to help them from the level of a Lok Sabha PM, he informs. "I will do my best to nurture sports talent" he said.

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