BJP Responsible For Rising Prices Of Food Items, Pulses And Oilseeds: Congress

BJP Responsible For Rising Prices Of Food Items, Pulses And Oilseeds: Congress

Lower and middle class families are suffering due to rising inflation

Lucknow, Oct 17 (TNA) The Indian National Congress (INC) has accused the Bhartiya Janta Party's Union and state governments for rising prices of food items, pulses and oilseeds, record high inflation. This, the aprty said in a statement, was due to the government's high tax collection policy has broken the back of the common man.

Common consumer is bearing the brunt of the government's failure to control the prices even after crude oil prices being reduced by about $ 42 a barrel today. The price of oil is skyrocketing along with the price of food items due to the continuous increase in freight. The government is sitting blindly instead of giving relief.

The number of people living below the poverty line is increasing in the country, sale in the automobile sector is decreasing, The country is lagging behind countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh in terms of hunger.

UP Congress spokesperson said that the country's economy is in danger, The strategy of giving everything under the control of the market and collecting more tax from the public is being done under the protection of the government.

It is not a public welfare state in a democratic system, This is the reason why the lower and middle class are suffering because of the food crisis. The government's claim on inflation is full of false data and far from the ground reality, the statement further said.

The prices of vegetables, pulses, oilseeds and other food items are increasing rapidly, while the increase in the prices of petrol and diesel is increasing the freight charges but instead of taking any steps to provide relief, it has separated public concern from its agenda by limiting it to benefiting its corporate friends, State Congress spokesperson Javed Ahmed Warsi said.

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