ATS Arrests ISI Agent Mohammad Raees From Gonda

ATS Arrests ISI Agent Mohammad Raees From Gonda

Lucknow, July 17 (TNA) UP ATS has arrested Gonda resident ISI agent Mohammad Rais, who was giving confidential information to Pakistani intelligence agency. He was called for questioning at the ATS headquarters. A case has been registered against him in the ATS police station. ATS team has been sent to Mumbai to arrest his accomplices Armaan and Salman.

ATS had received information that Mohammad Rais of Deenpurwa village, Tarabganj, Gonda has become an ISI agent and is passing important confidential information to ISI handlers. In return it has also got money. When he was called to the ATS headquarters and interrogated, he accepted his crime. He told that a few years ago he used to work in Mumbai, where he met a man named Armaan.

Armaan tricked him by mentioning the oppression of Muslims in India and the Babri Masjid and asked him to spy against India. In the year 2022, Raees received a WhatsApp call from a foreign number, mentioning Armaan and saying that Hussain will talk to you. After this the talk of Rais and Hussain started. Hussain told that he is a Pakistani spy.

He asked Raees to send photographs and sensitive information of some important military installations. Raees involved his friend Salman and others in this work and collected information and pictures and sent them. In lieu of this, he got 15 thousand rupees.

The ISI handlers asked Raees to create a WhatsApp business account by giving him a Bangladeshi mobile number. He also shared the OTP to Raees. Raees also used to talk to ISI handlers, which are still in his mobile.

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