As A Result Of Various MoUs Inked With Investors, 3,31,267 Jobs Have Been Created In UP: Nand Gopal Gupta ‘Nandi'

As A Result Of Various MoUs Inked With Investors, 3,31,267 Jobs Have Been Created In UP: Nand Gopal Gupta ‘Nandi'

Lucknow, December 1 (TNA) On the third day of the ongoing winter session of the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha, Industrial Development Minister Nand Gopal Gupta ‘Nandi’ on Thursday replied to a starred question raised by INC legislator Aradhana Misra ‘Mona’, with regards to the Global Investors Summit and some other concerns. Misra had asked what was the total expenditure incurred in organizing the ground breaking ceremony of the Global Investor Summit in the state and how much investment has been made in lieu of the expenditure incurred.

The lawmaker had also sought to know how much employment has been generated on the ground till now. It was also asked whether the government will table the district-wise details of full investment done, the amount received and district-wise factories established as a result of the Investor Summit.

Minister Nandi answered all three questions of Mona Misra in the House wherein he pointed out that the assembly member's question was related to organizing GBC after the Global Investor Summit 2023, something which had not yet taken place. Nandi further said that “our government has completely banned wasteful expenditure. Various events are being organized with economic prudence and the developers were selected in the event by adopting a competitive bid processas a result of which investment was pouring in the state.”

The minister further stated that during the Investor Summit organized by the state government in the year 2018, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU’s) worth Rs 4.28 lakh crore were signed with investors willing to set up industries in the state. He added that so far three ground breaking ceremonies have been organized by the state government in which a total of 1777 units participated.

Commercial operation of 859 industrial units has started, the minister informed the House while pointing out that construction of other industrial units was in progress. With the commencement of these units, 3,31,267 jobs have been created, the minister went on to say. According to the details received from the Government of India portal, 38.90 lakh jobs have been created in the MSME units registered on the official MSME portal.

The Industrial Development Nandi also took a pot shot on the Congress legislator by comparing her to her father, former MLA and veteran politician Pramod Tiwari, who he said always asked pertinent questions, to which the entire House would listen to attentively. Sadly, the minister sad, Mona Misra was asking a question about something - Ground Breaking Ceremony 2023, an event which was yet to take place!

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