Agra’s Satta Bazar Euphoric, Bats For Modi All The Way

Agra’s Satta Bazar Euphoric, Bats For Modi All The Way

Agra, June 1 (TNA) In the wake of the completion of the sixth phase of the staggered Lok Sabha elections, anticipation is high for the outcome following the seventh phase on June 1. However, Satta Bazars across the nation are already abuzz with confidence in a probable BJP triumph.

Experts and soothsayers alike are adding to the buzz by forecasting a decisive win. Notably, poll analysts, astrologers, and bettors are aligned in their predictions, suggesting a setback for the Indi Alliance. The punters’ streets are sizzling in this hot weather as stakes are high and multi-targeted from victories to defeats in high-profile constituencies to record margins.

In the Taj City, the satta bazaar specialists are concentrated in the Belanganj and Bhairon bazaar areas. "Yes, the Satta bazaar is there but you can not see it, nor can you quantify the stakes," according to a local shopkeeper. The whole process is secretive and unreliable. Lots of people lose money, he adds.

However, the satta bazaar specialists seem to agree the wind is blowing in favour of the NDA (National Democratic Alliance). No one seems to be betting in favour of the Congress, as of now, but betters are known to sway public mood and these days “with the availability of social media platforms, spurious information could trick many punters guess wrong and suffer losses.”

Last week, a report from the famous Phalodi satta bazaar in Rajasthan was circulated. “The credibility of Phalodi is very high as its estimates have seldom gone wrong,” said a broker, not wanting to be identified. According to Phalodi punters, NDA is likely to inch closer to 390.

Agra betters are overly cautious saying the opposition has managed to give a tough fight in some seats and could better its tally this time, though nowhere close to forming a government. The question doing rounds is whether the BJP will do better this time in Yogi’s UP.

Nandan Pandit, a local political worker in touch with the market, feels the triangular contests in key constituencies will help the BJP romp home comfortably. He points out that in this election “the percentage of fake voters using forged IDs has gone down due to strict vigilance and that has affected the voting percentage. The outcome therefore would be favourable to the BJP.”

In the good old days, the Agra Satta Bazar attracted betters from far and wide but now with effective policing all operations are clandestine. The neighbouring district of Hathras also used to be an active Satta Bazar in the Braj area. “Most betters were busy because of the IPL matches and had not taken much interest in the elections, but now they are free and will close in big deals in coming days,” according to one player. Opposition party leaders say the satta markets are hardly a yardstick to measure the popularity or outcome, as these betters are manipulated and usually give a wrong picture of the scenario.

Meanwhile, most astrologers of eminence have analysed the kundli and charts of parties and leaders, concluding that the divine blessings are with the Modi-led BJP, as reflected in the configuration of the planets. Vedic Sutram chairman Pramod Gautam sees “stars smiling on Modi who should easily climb the victory stand.” However, those who don’t believe in occult sciences would say that astrologers go by the direction of the wind blowing and base their speculative talent on analysis by psephologists and poll pundits.

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