Close-up of a relief from the northern gateway of the great stupa at Sanchi (1st century BCE) showing Greek devotees engaged in a Buddhist worshipping procession of a Stupa. Greek adherence to Buddhism started with the Ashokan missionaries sent to the Hellenistic kingdoms of the Mediterranean region

Ashokan Inscriptions And The ‘Greek Connection’

The very concept of ‘Indian Culture’ and its periodic outward spread is truly remarkable to articulate. This realization causes a wavering spirit of pride towards our Indian heritage and its profound expansion since ages. One such phenomenon was ‘Egyptian Buddhism’, the phrase itself reflecting the influence Ashoka’s ‘Dhamma’ had on the ‘Balance of Power’ in […]

Two folios of an old manuscript of the Arthshastra written on palm leaf

Chanakya’s Arthshastra Sheds Some Light, Insights On Pandemics

The worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 and its aftermath devastation on public health, economy and trade has led people and the intelligentsia to think of how to tackle such a horrendous pestilence. Scientists, Politicians, Policymakers and the ‘Think Tanks’ of various governments have joined hands to try to intercept the rising graph of the spread of […]

History: Thoughts From Back Home

They Say Man Learns from History Does He Really? If he did it would have been Heaven on Earth by now A history is an event in time recorded with a human bias Events Facts and Fiction Merge and become shadows of each other and thrive on the perceptions and biases of the times But […]