Maiden Meeting Of India-Hungary Joint Working Group On Water Management Held, Field Visit Takes Place In Varanasi

Maiden Meeting Of India-Hungary Joint Working Group On Water Management Held, Field Visit Takes Place In Varanasi

New Delhi, April 26 (TNA) The first meeting of the India-Hungary Joint Working Group, constituted for the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the field of water management between the two countries was held on Tuesday in New Delhi where wide ranging discussions were held on challenges and initiatives being taken in the water sector by both the countries.

A three-year working programme was signed to guide the future course of the India-Hungary cooperation in water management. Both sides made detailed presentations on issues, challenges, initiatives taken and the success stories related to water management in respective countries.

The major issue of groundwater over-exploitation and the necessity for proper water management practices in India and the numerous programs and projects that are reshaping India's water landscape were highlighted during the meeting.

Six areas of priority for cooperation were identified and agreed upon namely, Management of extreme Phenomenon, Exploration and management of ground water, Rejuvenation of rives and water bodies, Mitigation of impact of climate change on water resources, protection and preservation of the quality of water resources, and training and capacity building.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Ministry of Interior of Hungary and the then Ministry of Water Resources, RD & GR (presently Ministry of Jal Shakti), Govt of India on October 16, 2016 with the objective to strengthen technological, scientific and management capabilities of both the parties in the field of water management. Areas of cooperation between Hungary and India include integrated Water Resources Management, Water and Waste Water Management and Water related Education, Research & Development.

For implementation of the objectives of MoU, a Joint Working Group (JWG) has been constituted with members representing both the countries. Members of the JWG from Indian side include Subodh Yadav, Joint Secretary (GW, Admin and IC), Ministry of Jal Shakti as team leader and experts from CWC, NMCG, CWPRS and CGWB. The Hungarian side of the JWG is led by Peter Kovacs, Water Director, Ministry of Interior, Govt of Hungary.

Fostering opportunities for cooperation in water management among countries and improved understanding of the challenges and benefits of water cooperation can help the world build mutual respect, understanding, and trust, promoting peace, security, and long-term economic growth. Open discussion of the challenges defining our water resources today is driving cooperative action, decision-making and political commitment. At present countries are promoting a consultative culture and improving participatory capacities which is aiding the delivering advantages in many sectors, including collaborative water management.

A field visit for the team of Hungarian experts to Varanasi was organized on Wednesdayto showcase successful interventions under the National Mission for Clean Ganga. The meeting of the JWG has ushered in another milestone in the ongoing cooperation between India and Hungary in various sectors. Both sides aim to gain insight from one another and share experiences through collaboration in the field of water management.

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