Women, The Unsung Warriors

Women, The Unsung Warriors

How often do you come across a headline stating “minor raped and murdered”? how often do you see a woman being subjected to discrimination? The answer to these is simple ,undeniably such acts of degrading women in our society are witnessed almost every day.

Is it not funny how a movement started in 1848 to bring this gender at par with their male counterparts has yet not seen any progress. A very subtle yet amusing way of curbing our freedom with “COMPROMISE” AND “ADJUST” has taken roots in our society.

How can one justify compromising basic things like working after marriage because some households don’t support that idea , things like going out after 8 because apparently it is not safe.

Upon Contemplating on the fact that it is not safe ,the conclusion that is derived is, it is not actually a woman’s fault that she lives in an environment where her outdoor activity hours are restricted. We live under the canopy of dreadfulness and fear, a fear widespread which prevails because some men out there are not afraid of breaking their boundaries.

While in other countries despite all the hardships there is still scope for improvement but in a country like ours where the masses are solely led by norms and superstitions, anticipating a better future for our girls will just remain a mere thought and yet people question feminism, in their perspective “WE ARE MAKING A BIG DEAL OUT OF IT”, so here is my question to those people “will you remain indifferent if we impose constraints on your clothing drinking habits socialising education and most importantly your life as a whole?

Have men ever imagined what it would be like to be judged by the society on how you sit, talk, eat, what you wear, places you visit. How every step you take has to go through unsolicited judgements.

Well if they do I am sure it wouldn’t be a pleasant thought. While a man is out there living life by his own rules, a woman can’t make it past the hospital doors because of sex selective abortion.

From the very beginning girls are made to identify themselves as the weaker sex which needs protection when the the reality states something completely contradictory, they can fight their own battles and they are as strong, capable and worthy as any other man. Women may not be physically built as a man but it’s the courage and will power that matters.

Why is “what was she wearing” the spontaneous question to a sexual assault case, when that is nowhere a relevant question for the brutality and harassment that the girl had to go through . The stigmas and stereotypes imposed on women over the years have poisoned the minds of the people. The society fails to give a girl what is due to her.

I hope every women gets to live a future that she has envisaged and surroundings in which she can develop and grow to her full potential. To every girl who is fighting her battle without losing hope , to every girl who’s ship is sailing in a violent storm , to every girl who unwilling serves others , I assure you that your reward awaits and one day your story will be heard.

“A woman belongs to the kitchen” they say but if you ask me I’d say “A WOMAN BELONGS WHEREVER SHE WANTS TO BELONG”

-- Sanya Wadhwa/Moradabad

(The author of this article is a 16-year-old student at CL Gupta World School. Prior to this I received my education from All Saints’ College, a boarding school in Nainital.)

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