Understanding Islam over Zoom

Understanding Islam over Zoom

Muslim Women’s Forum is organizing a week long session on Islam for a general audience. The first four-hour session was held on Monday; the programme will conclude on October 31.

Syeda Hamid, former member of the National Commission for Women, is leading the discussion, which is based on her scholarship of the Holy Quran. There were over 30 participants from across the country on Monday.

A fascinating account of the origins of the Kaaba, the shrine where Prophet Abraham was to sacrifice his son, was part of the discussion – this precedes Prophet Mohammad by about 1000 years. Syeda Hamid explained that the Quran speaks of 1,24,000 prophets, of whom only four – those who have left behind books of their revelations – are actually named – Moses, David, Jesus, and Mohammad.

She mentioned also great men like Guru Nanak and Lord Ram, saying these too would be part of this tradition of prophets; Mohammad was the last of the prophets, and so Islam is the youngest of religions based on “revelations”.

Syeda Hamid, a fascinating story-teller, also reminded her audience that Prophet Mohammad was a trader, and Khadija was the women whose goods he was trading – she was 14 years older than him, a widow, and his boss. Mohammad had grown in stature as a man of honesty (Sadiq) and truth (Amin) and his boss was very impressed with him and proposed marriage. Mohammad accepted this proposal.

An account of the miracle of the poor woman who was his wet nurse was also offered. Anyone still wishing to join this fascinating course can write to Muslim Women’s Forum India at mwforumindia@gmail.com.

--Rosamma Thomas

(The writer is a Pune-based freelance journalist)

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