From Monday, Delhi Metro, DTC Buses To Operate At 100 Percent Capacity

From Monday, Delhi Metro, DTC Buses To Operate At 100 Percent Capacity

New Delhi, July 25 (TNA) Delhi's pace which had been halted by the deadly second wave of Coronavirus seems to be limping back to normal. On Saturday the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) added a fresh impetus to normalcy by allowing Delhi's Lifeline Metro and DTC to run with 100 percent capacity. The crowd at the metro and bus stand will also get some relief in this way, an official opined.

Passengers will be able to travel sitting on all available seats from Monday onwards. The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has issued guidelines to open up the unlocked Delhi to a large extent. However, in view of Covid-19, the ban on school-college, educational institute, coaching institute, political conference, social conference, cultural program, sports event, event has been maintained.

However, the Delhi Disaster Management Department has warned the local administration, local bodies, operators and managers to implement these relaxations strictly.

On the other hand, DDMA has also given many other exemptions. Now 100 people have been allowed to attend the wedding instead of 50. The capacity of the people who will join the final journey of a deceased has been increased from 20 to 100 people.

The guidelines issued by DDMA on Saturday also directed to open cinemas and multiplexes with 50 per cent seating capacity. Similarly, the auditorium will also open in the assembly hall with 50 per cent capacity.

It has also been decided to run DTC's inter-state bus with 100 per cent seating capacity. However, more than two people will not be allowed to sit in auto rickshaws, rural taxis, fast service, taxis, cabs. 11 people will be able to ride in RTV.

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