Cabinet Passes Resolution On Pran Pratishtha At Shri Ram Temple In Ayodhya, Thanks PM Modi

Cabinet Passes Resolution On Pran Pratishtha At Shri Ram Temple In Ayodhya, Thanks PM Modi

New Delhi, January 25 (TNA) Union Cabinet on Wednesday passed a resolution on Pran Pratishtha of Shri Ram Temple at Ayodhya Dham. The text of the resolution read: Prime Minister, first of all, we, all the cabinet members under your leadership, heartily congratulate you on the consecration of the idol of Ram Lalla. You fulfilled the age-old dream that Indian civilization has been dreaming of for the last five centuries.

It went on to add how the cabinet meeting was historic. “Historical events may have happened many times, but since this cabinet system was formed and if we include the period of the Viceroy's Executive Council with the British time, then such an opportunity would never have come” it further said.

It is unique because this opportunity has come after centuries. We can say that the body of this country became independent in 1947 and now the soul has been established in it. This has given everyone a feeling of spiritual joy. Since this temple has been built for thousands of years, and you have said in your address, “The sun of 22nd January has brought a wonderful aura. This is not just a date written on the calendar, but the origin of a new cycle of time. A nation rising after breaking the mentality of slavery, a nation taking courage from every bite of the past, creates a new history in this way. Even a thousand years from now, people will remember and discuss this date, this moment. And it is such a great blessing of Ram that we are living this moment, seeing it happening live. Today, days, directions, distances... all are full of divinity. This is not a normal time. These are indelible memory lines being inscribed on the wheel of time with eternal ink.”

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