Apple Commences Production Of iPhone 15 In India, Aiming To Narrow China Gap

Apple Commences Production Of iPhone 15 In India, Aiming To Narrow China Gap

Chennai, August 17 (TNA) In a significant move to diversify its manufacturing operations, Apple has begun production of its next-generation iPhone 15 in Tamil Nadu, India. This step is part of the company's ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between its manufacturing bases in China and India.

The manufacturing process will be led by Foxconn Technology Group's plant in Sriperumbudur, which is gearing up to deliver the latest iPhone models just weeks after they are released from factories in China. The Cupertino-based tech giant's decision to expand its manufacturing capabilities beyond China comes as it seeks to reduce supply chain risks, particularly in the face of trade uncertainties between the United States and China.

With tensions rising, Apple aims to make its manufacturing operations less dependent on a single country. India, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has been striving to strengthen ties with the US and establish itself as a prominent manufacturing hub. Apple's move to ramp up production in India aligns well with the country's objectives.

Until recently, India had played a smaller role in iPhone assembly compared to China, lagging by as much as six to nine months. However, this discrepancy was notably reduced last year, with India accounting for 7% of iPhone production by the end of March.

The upcoming iPhone 15, expected to be unveiled on September 12, is anticipated to be a substantial update to the device, boasting significant improvements in the camera system across its range. Moreover, the Pro models will feature an enhanced 3-nanometer A16 processor. The successful launch of this new iPhone series is vital for Apple, as the company reported declining sales for the third consecutive quarter, mainly attributed to lukewarm consumer demand in key markets such as the US, China, and Europe.

Apple's expansion in India is not limited to Foxconn; other suppliers such as Pegatron and a Wistron factory (soon to be acquired by the Tata Group) are also set to assemble the iPhone 15. While Apple, Wistron, and Pegatron declined to comment on the development, it's clear that the company's growing presence in India marks a strategic shift, reflecting both its commitment to the Indian market and its long-term vision for diversified manufacturing operations.

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