Agra Astrologer Predicts Modi’s Third Term, Says Stars Favouring Him

Agra Astrologer Predicts Modi’s Third Term, Says Stars Favouring Him

Agra, May 1 (TNA) Vedic Sutram Chairman and astrologer Pandit Pramod Gautam has said that according to Vedic Hindu astrology, the country's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to return for his third term in office. "The subtle period of Rajyoga called Gajakesari lasted till 20th April 2024, as I had mentioned in my astrological analysis before Modi's birthday on 13th September 2023. I had predicted 100 percent victory for BJP in the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, 2019, and Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections in 2017 and 2022, which proved correct," Gautam claimed.

Gautam had earlier predicted former US President Obama's victory, the World Cricket Cup victory for India. Pandit Gautam said "At present, we can say that from April 21, 2024, according to Modiji's horoscope of September 17, 1950, the Antardasha period of Saturn has started in the Mahadasha of Mars, which according to Vedic Hindu astrology is Shadashtak (It forms a negative) yoga because the planets Mars and Saturn are mortal enemies of each other, and in the Shadashtak (negative) yoga of Mars and Saturn in the horoscope of any person, there is a possibility of hostility among the common people as well as within the party.

Because in Hindu astrology, Saturn is considered to be the planet of common people and Mars is considered to be the planet of dictatorship, hence at present there is a strong need for Modiji to be especially careful with the disgruntled leaders within his party."

Astrologer Gautam said that overall as per the current planetary movements, only divine grace and their strong planets will decide the victory and defeat of BJP candidates in the Lok Sabha elections. But the country's Prime Minister Modiji will receive complete divine blessings as soon as the highly auspicious planet of the universe, Devguru Jupiter, reaches the Taurus sign in transit of the Taurus sign from May 1, 2024."

"Modi, by divine grace, will be successful in turning his mission towards positive results in the Lok Sabha elections on 4 June 2024. Overall, it can be said that Modiji will be seen succeeding in bringing honours to BJP in the Lok Sabha 2024 from May 1," but crossing the figure of 400 seems difficult, he added.

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