48-Years After He Left His Mortal Coil, A Biopic On Neeb Karoli Baba Being Made

48-Years After He Left His Mortal Coil, A Biopic On Neeb Karoli Baba Being Made

Lucknow, August 10 (TNA) Forty-eight years after he left his mortal coil in Vrindavan, the life and times of the great Indian seer Neeb Karori Baba will be seen by his millions of followers on the silver screen in 2022. For a group of film makers, devotees and groups have joined hands to make the first ever biopic to be made on Maharaj Ji, as he was fondly called by his faithfuls.

The script and songs of the film are ready and the locals for shootings have also been okayed while casting is in its final stage, Nashik-based director, writer and film maker Sharad Singh Thakur told The News Agency. Thakur, who has some good and awarded feature films, documentaries and short films to his credit, further informed that soon after the rainy season retreats, the film will be widely shot in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Thakur also pointed out that the film will be about Baba's life beginning 1900 and ending with his Samadhi on September 11, 1973. The producer and writer of this film is Kanak Chand, resident of Haldwani and a devotee of the seer. Thakur informed how all this began in a jiffy, without any planning.

"I had come to receive any award for one of my films at Agra in November 2020 and from there at the insistence of Kanak ji, who also works for my NGO, we went to Vridawan ashram of Maharaj ji and there "the mysterious hand of Maharaj ji was at work". The team met Dharm Narayan aka Bapu ji, the youngest son of Neeb Karoli Baba there and all of a sudden Thakur told him that he planned to make a film on his father.

"It almost slipped out of my tongue" the film maker said and informed that later they not only got the blessings of Bapu ji but also had the script read out to him in February this year, which was also cleared by him. He told us initially that it was all "hawa-hawai" (in-the-air) but later he told us that if Baba wanted the film to go ahead, it will certainly be made. We were exited thereafter and later went to Kainchi Dham as well.

"The moment I stepped out from there, I was determined like never before then to make this film," he told us further. He and the team behind the film has since visited all places linked to the great seer, who is believed to be the reincarnation of Lord Hanuman - Akbarpur, Prayagraj, Hanuman Setu Temple and also the Sandi Ashram in Hardoi. The dialogues of the film have been written by Kavita Raizada.

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