Witness Tells Judge Of Ghali Being Present In Alleged Tortures By The Polisario Front

Witness Tells Judge Of Ghali Being Present In Alleged Tortures By The Polisario Front

A witness of the alleged torture inflicted by the Polisario Front in the Tindouf camps (Algeria) has assured the judge of the National Court Santiago Pedraz that Brahim Ghali was the one who gave the orders and that on some occasion the Polisario leader was present while they were were carried out.

According to legal sources, Ahmed Tarouzi - an activist who claims to have been kidnapped and tortured by the Polisario Front for eleven years - has gone so far as to explain to the magistrate during his statement that one of those tortures consisted of "pulling out teeth and molars." the prisoners. "He has identified his torturers," those same sources point out, "among whom was Ghali, although he did not torture, he gave the orders."

Before Pedraz - who is investigating Ghali for torture, illegal detention and genocide as a result of two complaints from the Saharawi Association for the Defense of Human Rights (Asadedh) and the Saharawi activist of Spanish origin Fadel Breica - a second witness was also due to appear today.

He added that he shared prison with Breica and that, according to the latter's complaint, he witnessed the torture inflicted on him in 2019. His statement was postponed on June 29 due to visa problems, but these have not been resolved and he has not been able to also not testify now.

Last June, Fadel Breica and two witnesses blamed the leader of the Polisario Front for the alleged torture inflicted in the Tindouf camps in 2019. As the former explained to the instructor, he has “not the slightest doubt that he was tortured by order of Brahim Ghali ”because given the structure of the Polisario Front“ it was absolutely impossible ”for something to happen inside the camps that he did not approve of.

In their complaint, Asadedh and three alleged victims (who have subsequently been joined by several more) -among them Hosein Baida Abdelaziz, a Spanish citizen residing in Trebujena (Cádiz), and Dahi Aguai, a Sahrawi of Spanish origin- blame Ghali directly for the "Treatment suffered by the prisoners of war as well as by the Saharawi citizens themselves, especially those of Spanish origin, in the hands of the Polisario Front."

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