USM Alger Embraced With Warm Hospitality Upon Arrival In Oujda

USM Alger Embraced With Warm Hospitality Upon Arrival In Oujda

Oujda, Morocco, April 27 (TNA) The air of camaraderie enveloped the ambience at Oujda Airport as USM Alger stepped onto Moroccan soil, graciously welcomed by officials from RS Berkane with bouquets. This gesture marked a stark departure from the treatment meted out to the latter during their recent visit to Algeria.

In sharp contrast to the warm embrace and floral tributes extended to USM Alger, RS Berkane found themselves embroiled in a vexing ordeal during their previous sojourn for the semi-final's first leg. Upon their arrival at Houari Boumediene Airport in Algiers, the Moroccan delegation endured hours of uncertainty, their equipment confiscated by Algerian authorities.

The predicament reached such an impasse that the team was compelled to conduct their Friday prayers amidst the confines of the airport. The bone of contention? The depiction of the entirety of Morocco's map, including its southern provinces, was emblazoned on RS Berkane's jerseys—a move that incurred the ire of Algerian officials.

Despite fervent pleas from the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to facilitate the return of the Moroccan team's belongings, Algerian authorities remained obstinate, resulting in the forfeiture of the match. CAF, subsequently, adjudicated RS Berkane as victors, awarding them a resounding 3-0 triumph.

As USM Alger descends upon the turf of RS Berkane for the pivotal second leg of the CAF Confederation Cup semi-finals, the palpable warmth of their reception in Oujda serves as a poignant reminder of the power of sportsmanship transcending borders.

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