For Those Who Ask Where Is The Algerians' Money Going…

For Those Who Ask Where Is The Algerians' Money Going…

Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, (real name Mohamed Salem abdessamad), alleged "foreign minister" of the ghostly "rasd", as well as his son, have been involved for a very long time with the affairs of "ill-gotten gains". Thus, the father already has a clinic in Panama, when the son has just inaugurated his own clinic in one of the most upscale neighborhoods of Ecuador, with funds that belong to the Algerian people, who suffer from slow reorganization of the health system in the country.

In the same vein, several leaders of the Polisario front are suspected of embezzlement of public funds, breach of trust and corruption, all offenses centered on serious financial crime. This occurs while at the level of the Blida hospital for example (south-west of Algiers), which has the only resuscitation service in the region, the situation is catastrophic.

This news risks causing a great controversy in Algeria, where the regime is struggling to develop very extensive networks of health institutions or to provide the population with complete medical coverage. The failure of the Algerian health system had become obvious since the advent of Covid-19.

Administered and financed by the state, this system is characterized by underfunding and inefficient allocation of resources, endemic corruption and excessively centralized control of medical providers.

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