Terrorism: A Repentant Jihadist Reveals The Deceptions Of Ali Aarrass

Terrorism: A Repentant Jihadist Reveals The Deceptions Of Ali Aarrass

Abderrazak Soumah, a former leader of a terrorist movement, makes new revelations about his comrade in arms, Ali Aarrass. He challenges his allegations of alleged acts of torture and describes the strategy of lying, used by jihadists as a weapon against states.

Abderrazak Soumah was one of the founding emirs of the terrorist movement "Harakat Al Moujahidine bi Lmaghrib" ("The Mujahedin Movement in Morocco"). He has just made a new media outlet to reveal the underside of the allegations of acts of torture allegedly suffered by the so-called Ali Aarrass during his detention in Morocco in the 2000s.

"The Salafists claim that it is lawful to resort to lying against the state considering that it could create a lot of problems for it," said the repentant jihadist. Abderrazak Soumah alludes to what is known in terrorist circles as "Taqiya", the use of lies and cover-up to deceive the enemy. And, in this area, Ali Aarrass is an ace, very gifted, like those who have continued to defend him.

Arrested in Melilla on April 1, 2008, under a 2003 wanted notice and sent to Interpol, Ali Aarrass was handed over to the Moroccan authorities in December 2010. He was then sentenced, in 2011, to 15 years' imprisonment. jail. A sentence reduced to 12 years, a year later by the Court of Cassation.

"Ali Aarrass joined the ranks of Harakat Al Moujahidine bi Lmaghrib in 1981. I have met him many times in France, Belgium and Morocco. He has a perfect command of the Arabic language and is fluent in Darija", reveals Abderrazak Soumah. And to add, it is in Arabic or in Darija that we exchanged between us, thus bringing a denial to Ali Aarrass, who claims to speak only in Amazigh (tariff) and in French.

According to this testimony from Abderrazak Soumah, posted on social networks, "Aarrass was responsible for the logistics of the movement (Al Moujahidine bi Lmaghrib, Editor's note) and he had opened a bookstore in Belgium to facilitate fund transfers".

Euros and Kalashnikovs

Ali Aarrass was more than responsible for the logistics of this movement dismantled by the Moroccan authorities in the early 2000s. A former Belgian army soldier, he put his military experience at the service of the disastrous plans of the movement. He was the group's artificer, the one who supplied the firearms and trained in their handling.

To do this, he first ensured the delivery of weapons to Morocco. "Aarrass is the one who introduced the first firearms discovered by the authorities in 2003 in Berkane. Among these weapons were two Kalashnikovs and two pistols as well as ammunition. It was also he who introduced two pistols. automatic devices seized in Tangier. And it is he who supplied the weapons which were behind our arrest in the hinterland of Tiflet ", testifies Abderrazak Soumah.

He added that Aarrass had relayed the financing of the movement after the death of a jihadist named Nouâmani. "Our armed movement aimed to wreak havoc with a confrontation with the regime through bloodthirsty operations with explosives, assassinations and thefts. Thank God, we have not succeeded," added the repentant jihadist.

"I was surprised, in the company of about twenty Salafist detainees, by the respectable treatment we received (by the security services, editor's note) and this contrary to what was said in the community. stop lying because everything has been documented by the competent authorities ", comments Abderrazak Soumah.

And to recall his first experience: "when I was arrested in 2012, I expected to be tortured in the worst possible way. This is what I expected with my companions, especially since I was the last survivor among the founders of the movement to be arrested. Nevertheless, I was surprised by the humane behavior of the authorities towards me and towards the 20 other members who were part of my group. however we had weapons to carry out massacres and not to make couscous! ".

Jihadism to the end

Abderrazak Soumah also returns to the video recorded in 2012 by Aarrass at the Salé 2 penitentiary, and in which he exhibited traces of bodily abuse. And to wonder: "How is it that Aarrass, who was arrested in 2010, keeps bruises for two years?" And to add: "we, jihadist Salafists, are known to resort to lies against our enemies, against the State. We coated parts of the body with rhassoul or henna and then we filmed ourselves, thus suggesting marks of tortures ", reveals Abderrazak Soumah.

Soumah, who in this leading testimony reveals the modus operandi used by jihadists, including after their arrest, to continue their fight against the enemy (the state), calls for "do-play". "We have played and lost". In all likelihood, Ali Aarrass does not hear it that way.

Free since early April 2020, after serving his sentence, Ali Aarrass returned to Belgium three months later and began his smear campaign against Morocco and its institutions. One way to continue the game, which began before his arrest, against the enemy he has designated for himself: the Moroccan state.

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