Sahrawis "Burnt Alive" By The Algerian Army, Tindouf Camps Put On Alert

Sahrawis "Burnt Alive" By The Algerian Army, Tindouf Camps Put On Alert

An Algerian army patrol set fire to two Saharawi gold miners living in the so-called "dakhla" camp, located to the south of the locality called "Aouinat Belkraa", reports suggest. According to corroborating information, the two young Sahrawis who were looking for gold in a mine, hid themselves in an extraction well to protect themselves against the bursts of gunfire fired in their direction.

Faced with their refusal to comply, for fear of being liquidated, the elements of the Algerian army did not hesitate to set the well on fire and burn the two young gold miners alive. Following this macabre incident, the Tindouf camps were put on alert in anticipation of any demonstration denouncing said cold-blooded criminal act.

It should be noted that the resurgence of acts of violence, physical liquidation and kidnapping against the populations of the Tindouf camps is taking place in a chaotic context where the voices of human rights defenders are rising more and more. in addition against this kind of barbaric practices.

Sources said that on Monday the bodies of the two young men, Emcha Ould Hamdi Ould Sweilem and Aliyin Al Idrisi, were transferred to the hospital at Dakhla camp in Rabouni, after being set on fire by the Algerian army.

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