Sahrawi Girl Faces Obstacles In Return To Spain: A Tale Of Polisario Intervention

Sahrawi Girl Faces Obstacles In Return To Spain: A Tale Of Polisario Intervention

Filleh mint Chahid mint Laaroussi, a young Sahrawi, has been denied the return to Spain by her biological family residing in the Tindouf camps in Algerian territory, following the Polisario's directive, after participating in the "Holidays in Peace" program. This young girl has been raised within a Spanish family that adopted her.

This incident echoes past occurrences where Sahrawi girls, adopted by Spanish families, were detained by the Polisario after visiting their families in the Tindouf camps. Notable instances include Nadjiba Mohamed Belkacem, Elkouria Badbad Hafed, Maloma Morales de Matos, and Darya Embarek Selma.

Under the Polisario's orders, Filleh mint Chahid mint Laaroussi's biological parents destroyed her travel documents, obstructing her return to her adoptive family in Spain. Consequently, she was held against her will in the Tindouf camps.

Subsequently, the adoptive family sought the assistance of Hammada ould Essaleh, a Sahrawi by nationality. He successfully extracted the young girl from the alleged Laayoune camp in the Boucraa district and escorted her to the Consulate of Spain in Oran. She has been residing there since January 3, 2024, hopeful for repatriation to Spain.

The absence of the young girl has stirred turmoil among her relatives, attracting the attention of Algerian security authorities. They are currently endeavoring to compel her return forcefully to the Tindouf camps, near her biological family. However, she resists, seeking to evade the chaos fueled by threats issued by her relatives against the Sahrawi responsible for her abduction.

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