Sahara-African Union: Nigerian Commissioner Bankole Adeoye Rejigs His Staff Within The CPS

Sahara-African Union: Nigerian Commissioner Bankole Adeoye Rejigs His Staff Within The CPS

Nigerian diplomat, Bankole Adeoye, the African Union (AU) Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security seems to be very disturbed by the legacy of his predecessor, the former Commissioner for Peace and Security (PSC). of the AU, the Algerian Smail Chergui.

Bankole Adeoye has said for several weeks that he has been annoyed by the lack of work of his main collaborators within the Peace and Security Council, an institution which remains under the influence of Algeria, South Africa and Namibia despite the change of direction.

The new head of the PSC openly made this known in an official administrative note sent on September 5 to all the staff of the AU Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security pointing the finger at the poor performance and the shenanigans of certain directors and heads of department and particularly those of the Algerian Smail Chergui who has not yet digested his dismissal from this decision-making position of the Pan-African organization.

Indeed, for several weeks, the Nigerian Bankole Adeoye has struggled to contain his annoyance against his subordinates and in particular the senior executives from Algeria and his faithful allies South Africa and Namibia in the diplomatic battle that the Algerian regime has been delivering to Morocco for ages and without notable success around the Sahara.

In his three-page letter, the diplomat Bankole Adeoye criticizes his staff in particular for a "lack of cooperation in the preparation of the sessions of the Peace and Security Council (PSC)".

It should be noted that Algerian diplomacy and its pawns in Africa are using all possible means to involve the African Union and its governing bodies in the process of settling the question of the Moroccan Sahara, which is the rightful and exclusive right of the UN.

Algerian diplomats are even trying by devious means to make the chimerical and illegitimate demands of the Polisario prevail, an entity fabricated from scratch by the Algerian power in the 1970s after the historic green march of November 6, 1975 which had put an end to the presence of Spanish settlers in the southern provinces of the Kingdom.

But Moroccan diplomacy is continuing its breakthrough and garnering support both at the United Nations, in Europe and in Africa, where a growing number of countries (currently around thirty) have opened diplomatic missions in the provinces of the Moroccan Sahara.

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