Royal Moroccan Mobilization For Relief Of The Gazan Population

Royal Moroccan Mobilization For Relief Of The Gazan Population

Rabat, June 25 (TNA) Acting on the instructions of King Mohammed VI, the revered President of the Al-Quds Committee, a large-scale humanitarian operation is currently being deployed to provide medical assistance to the Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip. This charitable initiative, emanating from the Sovereign's constant solicitude towards the Palestinian Cause, testifies to the resolute commitment of the Kingdom of Morocco in favor of alleviating the suffering of the brotherly people.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Residing Abroad has specified that this medical shipment, orchestrated on the orders of the Monarch, is composed of forty tons of pharmaceutical goods and devices intended for the management of the most pressing health emergencies. From burn care to essential medicines, this generous cargo will benefit adults and young children of the Besieged Strip without distinction.

Concerned to provide effective material support, the Glorious Sovereign has kindly allocated a substantial share of these donations drawn from His personal funds. Using the same innovative land route as during the food aid operation of last Ramadan month, this Moroccan medical assistance is part of the continuity of the Kingdom's active solidarity with Palestine.

These large-scale charitable actions, ordered by the King-President of the Al-Quds Committee, confirm the king’s resolute commitment to the just Palestinian Cause. They brilliantly demonstrate the effectiveness of the leadership of the Al-Quds Committee and Bayt Mal Al-Quds, bearers of a Vision of Peace and concrete support to the enduring populations.

Faced with the verbal indignation and real ineffectiveness of the Algerians, ever prompt to proclaim their hollow slogans without ever putting them into practice, these Moroccan solidarity initiatives prove the sincere engagement and practical effectiveness of the Kingdom. In service of peace and Palestinian interests, the resumption of relations with Israel has always been a lever for the benefit of the brotherly people.

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