Royal Address To Parliament: Embracing National Values And Unifying Moroccans In The Face Of Adversity

Royal Address To Parliament: Embracing National Values And Unifying Moroccans In The Face Of Adversity

Rabat, October 14 (TNA) King Mohammed VI, accompanied by Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan and Prince Moulay Rachid, delivered a speech before the Parliament on Friday, marking the opening of the first session of the third legislative year of the eleventh legislature.

First and foremost, it is worth mentioning that the tragic earthquake in Al-Haouz on September 8, 2023, was a moment of profound sorrow and pain. However, it also highlighted the pivotal role of civil society and the numerous forms of spontaneous solidarity that emerged in the aftermath of the tragedy. It emphasized the dedication and sacrifices made by state institutions, both civilian and military, in responding to the catastrophe.

In line with the tradition of royal speeches that stress the need for post-crisis reflection, capitalizing on the mobilizations born in such circumstances, and making judicious use of the dynamics they generate, the King, addressing the representatives of the nation as a prelude to the opening speech of the current legislative year, paid tribute to the memory of the victims of the Al-Haouz earthquake and offered prayers for the recovery of the injured.

Furthermore, the King highlighted the spontaneous acts of solidarity exhibited by Moroccans, which were met with admiration from the global community. The Sovereign also commended the praiseworthy initiatives undertaken to provide various forms of assistance, including material aid, expressions of compassion, cleanup campaigns, and psychological support.

This mobilization of civil society ran parallel to the actions of the government, with various ministries such as territorial administration, health, and equipment, as well as the respective services of national security, auxiliary forces, and civil protection, contributing to the relief efforts. It is also important to note the leading role played by the Royal Armed Forces in rescuing and assisting the affected populations, transporting victims, tending to the injured, providing shelter and food for those affected, and utilizing both their modern equipment and a demonstration of overwhelming humanity.

The effective management of the earthquake's aftermath also included the handling of foreign aid. Besides messages of solidarity and support, the government received numerous offers of assistance and solidarity from many countries. In this regard, King Mohammed VI expressed gratitude to all the countries that supported Morocco during this challenging period.

The Royal Address to Parliament, as well as the Throne Speech, reiterated the significance of values in the Moroccan experience and their harmonious alignment with universal ideals, considered a common heritage of all humanity. These values, put to the test during the Al-Haouz earthquake, enabled Morocco to effectively manage the consequences of this natural disaster and approach the post-earthquake reconstruction phase with serenity.

Buoyed by these values and despite the scale of the catastrophe and its human and material toll, Moroccans overcame the crisis with unwavering resolve and now face the future with confidence and optimism. Among the countless values held by Moroccans, it is essential to emphasize those with a unifying purpose that distinguishes the Kingdom in a fluctuating regional and international context, where many countries struggle with identity conflicts and often adopt a defensive stance against alterity.

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