Roger Nkodo Dang Says European Parliament Should Not Get Drawn Into Morocco-Spain Stand-Off

Roger Nkodo Dang Says European Parliament Should Not Get Drawn Into Morocco-Spain Stand-Off

The outgoing president of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP), Roger Nkodo Dang has said that the European Parliament should not get involved in the crisis between the Kingdom of Morocco and Spain, as it is a bilateral crisis that can be resolved by diplomatic means or through direct negotiation.

“The Pan-African Parliament calls on its European counterpart to refrain from any position likely to exacerbate tensions and calls on the two parties to resolve the crisis in a purely bilateral framework,” said Nkodo Dang in a press release.

He welcomed the decision of King Mohammed VI for the return of all unaccompanied Moroccan minors who entered the European Union illegally. “The facts prove that the Kingdom of Morocco is playing its role in the fight against terrorism, illegal immigration and trafficking in human beings, in compliance with the principles and requirements of the partnership which unites it with the European Union and to its regional environment, ”he said.

The outgoing president of the PAP adds that Morocco also plays an important role in the management of the migration file in Africa, “which has been congratulated on many occasions by the Heads of State and of African governments, having appointed King Mohammed VI Champion of Migration in Africa ”.

Likewise, and as part of its policy of sharing experience, particularly in the area of ​​migration, the Kingdom of Morocco has taken the initiative to host the first African center dedicated to the study and examination of this scourge, now titled “the African Migration Observatory”, he was proud.

Nkodo Dang recalled, in this regard, the strict respect of the commitments made by the European Parliament and the Pan-African Parliament during the Summit of Heads of State and Government of the African Union and the European Union, held in Abidjan in 2017. The two parties had in fact agreed, among other things, that “all problems between two States fall within the bilateral relations between them and the two Parliaments can only intervene if they have discussed this problem. beforehand ”.

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