Polisario's Speech Exposes Group's Terrorist Leanings

Polisario's Speech Exposes Group's Terrorist Leanings

New Delhi, May 10 (TNA) An alarming audio recording from a speech by El Bachir Mustapha Sayed, a figure in the so-called polisario’s "national secretariat," has surfaced, shedding light on the group’s embrace of terrorism under the guise of propaganda. The speech, delivered at an assembly in the Tindouf camps on April 28, 2024, explicitly incites violence and terrorist activities against Moroccan interests in the “disputed” Moroccan Sahara.

In his address, Sayed makes a direct appeal to those in Moroccan-controlled areas of Western Sahara, encouraging acts of terrorism. He unabashedly states, "If you want explosives, God bless, they are available," implying a readiness and surplus of munitions. He goes on to direct his followers to "explode three or four" bombs nightly in urban centers such as Smara, Dakhla, and Laayoune to spread fear and chaos.

The polisario, which has historically claimed to fight for the independence of Western Sahara through armed struggle, has attempted in recent times to present itself as a proponent of peaceful resolution. Yet, Sayed's stark rhetoric, coupled with his casual reference to the availability of explosives, reveals a concerning shift towards more extremist measures, contradicting their publicized stance on peace.

It is worth mentioning that the so-called polisario lacks recognition by both the United Nations and the Arab League. At an international level, the polisario has never received recognition as a movement, let alone as the only legitimate representative of the Sahrawis.

While some might dismiss these declarations as mere propaganda, the implications are far-reaching, especially considering the volatile security landscape in the Sahel region, which is already afflicted by various terrorist groups. Escalation of violence in the Moroccan Sahara would not only destabilize an already fragile area but also potentially provide a fertile environment for extremist groups to expand their influence.

The international community must recognize the gravity of Sayed’s threats and the potential criminal nature of the polisario. A thorough investigation into the group’s possible links to terrorist organizations and their access to weaponry is crucial. Disregarding these provocative actions and their ramifications could severely impact the stability and security of not just the Sahara, but the broader international community.

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