Polisario Members Implicated In A Vast Smuggling Scandal At Constantine Airport

Polisario Members Implicated In A Vast Smuggling Scandal At Constantine Airport

Constantine, Oct 2 (TNA) Members of the Polisario front have triggered an unprecedented scandal at the airport of Constantine, the 3rd Algerian city and the capital in eastern Algeria. This scandal concerns the hijacking and contraband trafficking of 1,000 cell phones. This smuggling operation took place on board a military plane providing the Tindouf-Constantine link.

On September 27, police and customs officers at Constantine airport flushed out this huge quantity of smartphones hidden in the luggage of several "Sahrawis" members of the Polisario front. These undeclared phones were obviously intended for resale on the parallel market. According to our sources, they were in at least 17 shopping bags stuffed with various undeclared objects intended for contraband.

Quickly seized, these smartphones will subsequently find themselves at the heart of another politico-judicial scandal. And for good reason, it turns out that several high-ranking soldiers covered this smuggling network established in Tindouf. An internal investigation has been launched within the 5th military region and several military officers have already been suspended while others are the subject of a thorough investigation.

These officers are suspected of having facilitated access to military planes for Sahrawi smugglers, thus allowing them to transport various precious objects such as jewelry or smartphones to then feed a real contraband traffic.

This case is being processed at the level of the regional military inspectorate and firm instructions have been communicated so that no information is leaked. The Ministry of National Defense in Algiers wants to stifle this scandal so as not to damage the credibility of the Algerian military institution.

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