Paranoid Mohamed Hajib And His Scepticism

Paranoid Mohamed Hajib And His Scepticism

Rabat, Sep 27 (TNA) As Morocco was preparing to elect its next head of government, after an election campaign, which saw the main candidates expose their various programs for the next five years, another jihad candidate, named Mohamed Hajib, from his rustic cottage in Germany, was trying to convince his followers of the "fondness" of his extremist diatribe, which reflects the deep frustrations he accumulated.

Indeed, Abu Omar Al-Almagni, as he likes to be called, first radicalized himself at the "Ali" mosque in Duisburg, Goethe country, before deciding to chart his way to jihad by going to Panjgur and Pakistani Waziristan, via Mechched in Iran.

Because if all young people dream of taking a road trip, our Islamo-boche and his travelling companion Youssef, a German of Palestinian origin, were rather excited to make a journey to death, strewn with unpleasant surprises.

The Hajib fanatic, upon arriving at his mentor Abu Abd-Errahman's, aka "Abu Hamza", had to pay with his own money for the ammunition that was used for his terrorist training. He had to rattle 1,000 dollars to acquire a Kalashnikov rifle and its 120 cartridges, while for the same paraphernalia, Youssef was claimed only half of this sum. Sacred disappointment for Hajib!

Without a penny, Hajib first had to get rid of his Irish wife and children, whom he hastened to send back to Morocco, while securing the financing of his "journey to darkness", thanks to the sale of about twenty bikes.

And the disillusionment did not stop there. Dreaming of the 72 virgins and the title of martyr, Hajib was confined, during his "internship" to household chores, in particular by making sure to shop for a dozen widowed women of Azerbaijani fighters, especially since the strong heat in this area and the obvious unsanitary conditions of the people on site, caused the onset of malaria in this

Faced with this bitter observation and after learning from the mouth of his Algerian arms dealer friend Ibrahim, aka "Abu Soulaimane", that the fighting is mostly taking place against Afghan and Pakistani soldiers and not American troops, who prefer to carry out air attacks, Mohamed Hajib has finally decided to throw away his apron, feather duster and household gloves, to turn back

It might be wise for Germany to use the spyware "Pegasus" wisely, acquired in 2019, by the BKA, the internal intelligence service, because if after all this evidence established about his terrorist inclination, Mohamed Hajib aka "Abu Omar Al-Almani" continues to be stupidly considered, by this country, as a youtuber who exercises his freedom of expression

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