Moroccan King Delivers Speech On 48th Anniversary Of Green March

Moroccan King Delivers Speech On 48th Anniversary Of Green March

Rabat, November 7 (TNA) The King Moroccan King, Mohammed VI has delivered a speech to the nation on occasion of 48th Anniversary of Green March on Monday evening. The Green March, of which we are celebrating the treasured anniversary today, enabled us to complete our territorial integrity. In keeping with the everlasting oath of that glorious event, we have continued to press ahead with our development and modernization policies, in order to serve our citizens and make the best use of the assets abounding in the country, especially in the Moroccan Sahara, he said.

The recovery of our southern provinces allowed us to underscore more effectively the importance of the Kingdom's Atlantic dimension.Thanks to the dedication of our diplomatic service, we have managed to strengthen Morocco’s position, increase international support for our territorial integrity, and face up to the maneuvers of our adversaries – the obvious as well as the concealed ones, the King went on to say.

Just as the Mediterranean links Morocco to Europe, the Atlantic coast is our gateway to Africa and the Americas. Hence my keen desire to rehabilitate our national coastline, including the part in the Moroccan Sahara region bordering the Atlantic, and re-engineer this geopolitical space at the African level, the Monarch added further.

“My goal is to transform the Atlantic region into a space for human interaction and economic integration, and to make sure it plays a key role at continental and international levels. For this reason, I seek to make sure that the major projects launched in our southern provinces are completed, and that the services and infrastructure relating to human and economic development are in place”, Mohammed VI stated.

Another goal, he underlined, is to facilitate connectivity between the different countries bordering the Atlantic, provide for means of transportation, build logistics platforms and consider the development of a strong, competitive national commercial marine fleet.

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