Moroccan King Chairs High-Level Meet To Review Ongoing Rehabilitation Work In The Aftermath of The Al Haouz Temblor

Moroccan King Chairs High-Level Meet To Review Ongoing Rehabilitation Work In The Aftermath of The Al Haouz Temblor

Rabat, Sep 21 (TNA) King Mohammed VI on Wednesday chaired a high-level meeting at the Royal Palace in Rabat, in which a working session was devoted to the reconstruction and general upgrading program for the regions hit by the Al Haouz earthquake.

This new working session is within the framework of the continuation of the directives given by the King at the meetings of September 9 and 14, which laid the groundwork for a well-thought-out, integrated and ambitious program designed to provide a strong, coherent, swift and proactive response.

With an estimated overall budget of 120 billion dirhams over a five-year period, the first version of the integrated and multi-sectoral program presented before the Sovereign covers the six provinces and prefectures affected by the earthquake (Marrakech, Al Haouz, Taroudant, Chichaoua, Azilal and Ouarzazate), targeting a population of 4.2 million.

Based on a convergence approach and a precise diagnosis of needs, as well as an analysis of territorial potential and local players, this program includes projects aimed at, on the one hand, rebuilding housing and upgrading affected infrastructures, in line with the emergency measures decided at the September 14 meeting, and strengthening socio-economic development in targeted areas, on the other.

It is structured around four main components: Relocating people affected by the disaster, rebuilding housing and rehabilitating infrastructure, opening up and upgrading regions, accelerating the absorption of social deficits, particularly in the mountainous areas affected by the earthquake and encouraging economic activity and employment, and promoting local initiatives.

The program also includes, as ordered by the King, the establishment, in each region, of a large platform of essential reserves (tents, blankets, beds, medicines, foodstuffs, etc.) to deal immediately with natural disasters. During this working session, the King invited the government to implement the vision presented at the level of each of the provinces and prefectures concerned.

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