Is Germany Emerging As The New European Home For Islamist Terrorists?

Is Germany Emerging As The New European Home For Islamist Terrorists?

On Sunday March 7, 2021, an explosive report was broadcast in the "exclusive investigation" program of the French channel M6. Subject of the investigation: The return to Europe of active Daesh fighters and their dissemination everywhere, in the "SCHENGEN" area.

After the defeat of DAISH, by the international coalition, no less than 500 ISIS logisticians, recruiters and financiers who managed to flee via Turkey, Syria and Iraq. They managed to pass legally, or not, between the enamel of the net, to come and settle discreetly in France, and more particularly in Germany.

After their brief arrests by the security services, several fugitives from ISIS now lead peaceful and normal lives in Germany. Some have retrained in the exercise of different professional activities. And for good reason, the multiple overwhelming evidence on the bloodthirsty acts has not aroused any emotion among the German police who persist in considering them as normal people, unrelated to terrorism.

This is the case of the terrorist named Samir, who joined DAISH in 2014, and whose hobby was playing with the heads of his victims, whom he displayed like trophies, in unbearable videos. Currently, this executioner, living with his wife, in a Länder bordering France, is preparing to obtain his driving license for heavy trucks.

A type of vehicle which, in sad memory, had been used by the Tunisian terrorist, Anis Amri, in December 2016, for the bombing of the Christmas market in Berlin. An attack that caused the death of twelve people, of different nationalities, and more than fifty seriously injured.

“History will recall that despite the precise information provided 4 months earlier by Morocco about the perpetrator of this attack, the German security services have knowingly chosen to ignore them.

The other active member of DAISH, mentioned by "Exclusive Inquiry" is called, for his part, Majid. This terrorist was active in the pseudo finance ministry of the Islamic State. He now lives with impunity in the Ruhr area, where he has a large fleet of luxury cars and a Hallal massage parlor, without clients. This establishment, he acquired it thanks to the money collected on the transfers of funds to Turkey, of the transfers which he operated for the benefit of the emirs of DAISH.

“Like Samir, Majid has never been worried, despite the convincing testimonies provided to the German authorities on his proven relationship with the General Staff of the Islamic State. Moreover, they both benefit from the protection of these same authorities. Hence the need to question whether the German authorities are so blinded, so as not to realize the extreme danger posed by these terrorists, familiar with the methods of infiltration and clandestinity, on the security of their country.

Would the German federal services try to deal, not without danger, with these terrorists; collaboration for operational purposes, within the framework of the fight against the residues of the Islamic State and its possible resurgence? In fact, it was on German territory that the genesis of the attacks of September 11, 2001 began, in the framework of the most infamous Hamburg cell. Two of its suicide bombers, Mohamed Atlas Sayed and Marouane Achihi, threw their planes on American soil causing the death of several thousand victims. They are respectively embedded in the north and south towers of the World trade Center. Balance sheet, three thousand dead.

“Still, this strange attitude of the Germans does not cease to perplex their international allies. The latter, the most reliable parties in the fight against terrorism, do not understand this manifest rupture of Berlin with the multilateral framework of security cooperation. The concrete example of this rupture is embodied by the divergence born between Germany and Morocco, over the Moroccan-German terrorist, Mohamed Hajib, who has never renounced his allegiance to Al Qaida. "...."

The current situation in Germany is reminiscent of that in Londonistan, before the bloody attacks that hit the British capital on July 7, 2005, with a death toll of fifty-two. “At that time, terrorist imams like Abu Hamza were granted political asylum in the UK, having simply argued, without tangible evidence, that they were being persecuted in their own country.

A pact had been concluded between the extremists, in Great Britain and the security services. This pact provides refuge and welfare for fundamentalists in exchange for not launching attacks against the UK or its interests abroad. “So Germany has not learned a lesson from the British snake that bit its tail in its fight against terrorism.

After London, are we going to witness the emergence of a "Germanisatan" which will endanger the security of the countries of the European Union and of the region as a whole?

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