French Parliament Passes Historic Law Enshrining Abortion Rights In Constitution

French Parliament Passes Historic Law Enshrining Abortion Rights In Constitution

Paris, March 5 (TNA) During a joint session in the French Parliament on Monday, French lawmakers approved a bill enshrining women's right to abortion in the Constitution. In this way, France has become the first country in the world to include abortion in its constitution. The bill was approved by an overwhelming 780-72 vote and there was prolonged applause throughout almost the entire joint session.

There was an atmosphere of celebration throughout France after the bill related to abortion got the approval of the Parliament. Women's rights activists praised President Emmanuel Macron's promise. Article 34 of the French Constitution has been amended to give legal form to the bill. It was introduced in both houses of Parliament, the National Assembly and the Senate. This guarantees women the right to abortion.

Opening the joint session, Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament, Yael Braun-Pivet, said that France is the first country to take this step. Before the bill was passed, French Prime Minister Gabriel Atal said that we are giving a message to all women that they can make decisions about themselves.

At the same time, anti-abortion organizations and activists have criticized Parliament's decision to approve the bill. They said that President Macron is using the law for political gain and have raised questions about calling it a historic step. There is already a legal right to abortion in France. In France, women have had the legal right to abortion since 1974.

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