DGNS Has Plethora of Projects Lined Up For Morocco In 2023

DGNS Has Plethora of Projects Lined Up For Morocco In 2023

Rabat, December 24 (TNA) The General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) intends to carry out in 2023 several projects related to the modernization of its infrastructures, the promotion of proximity services and the continuation of digitalization.

Regarding infrastructure, DGSN intends to continue the modernization of police buildings, by opting for a distinguished architecture, by providing these buildings with all necessary accessibilities and orientation and work spaces, and by working to accompany urban and demographic development of large and medium urban areas.

In this context, it is planned to create a fifth police district in Hay Riad (Rabat) to accompany the urban expansion and diversification of administrative and economic activities in the administrative capital of the Kingdom.

In addition to ensuring proximity services to the inhabitants, as well as a district police station will be opened shortly in the region of Deroua under Casablanca police prefecture, to respond to the great urban expansion that this area has experienced in recent years, said DGSN in its report balance sheet for 2022.

This operation also includes the consecration of the digitalization of the work in the services of the National Security, to facilitate electronic and instantaneous exchange of data and administrative documents at the national level for more efficiency and effectiveness as well as to rationalize expenses by giving up gradually the paper supports and by using techniques that are not expensive energetically and not polluting.

Concerning the proximity services, DGSN plans to generalize the experience of the mobile units for the realization of the National Electronic Identity Card (CNIE), by increasing the number of vehicles dedicated to this effect, in order to put them at the disposal of the deconcentrated services of the National Security on the whole national territory, in order to use them to facilitate and simplify the satisfaction of the requests of realization and renewal of this identity document in the geographically remote areas as well as in rural and mountainous communes.

In addition, DGSN is preparing to open a set of proximity centers for the realization of the CNIE. These centers are intended to accommodate the populations of regions that have significant demand for this identity document, to facilitate administrative procedures related to this public service that is now a locomotive for a digital transition of public and private services at the national level, in addition to the establishment of spaces dedicated to other services, including obtaining the anthropometric form.

National Police also intends to continue the process of sharing its platform "National Trusted Third Party" with a large number of national public institutions, economic operators and service providers in order to expand the base of citizens benefiting from a range of services provided remotely, with a safe and efficient use of their identity data.

Technical teams will also launch an integrated digital portal of electronic services, essentially intended to facilitate the services of obtaining the CNIE and to simplify and digitalize the procedures.

And in order to develop security services provided to citizens and after the completion of computer system relating to the management of police districts and the entry into force of the full exploitation of the components of this computer system in the services of the Public Security, DGSN is preparing to launch during the next year the digitization of the work within judicial police services at the national level, able to ensure a great efficiency in the management of judicial investigations files supervised by National Security.

Moreover, DGSN reiterates its commitment to continue efforts aiming at consolidating public safety, reinforcing security feeling, improving provided services to citizens, to resident foreigners and to tourists, in addition to the promotion of socio-professional conditions of all those who belong to the family of National Security.

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