British PM Boris Johnson Announces 45-Day National Lockdown
Stefan Rousseau

British PM Boris Johnson Announces 45-Day National Lockdown

London, January 5 (TNA) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has again announced a lockdown in the country amid the growing crisis of new strains of corona infection. Boris Johnson said that to deal with Corona, a new national lockdown has been put in place at least until mid-February to prevent new strains.

Boris Johnson addressed the nation on Monday night. He said that this is a difficult time for the country. Corona cases are increasing rapidly in every part of the country.

Currently, schools, colleges and universities will remain closed in the UK, classes will run online. University students will not return to the campus at least until mid-February. During lockdown, people will have to stay in their homes and will be allowed to leave only from the necessary work.

All non-essential shops and personal care services such as hairdressers will remain closed, and restaurants will only provide takeout services. Explain that till Monday there were 26,626 patients in England hospitals.

This is an increase of over 30% over the previous week. In this season, it is 40 percent higher than the highest level of the first wave.

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