Book Highlighting Moroccan Development Efforts Released

Book Highlighting Moroccan Development Efforts Released

Geneva, June 16 (TNA) “Morocco, the potential of a transformative change" a book that has just been published in Edilivre, Paris. The book highlights the development efforts made in Morocco over the past two decades and its emergence on the regional and African scene.

"Morocco is a tree whose roots plunge into Africa and which breathes through its leaves in Europe" (Feu SM King Hassan II), a metaphor that is being concretized by HM King Mohammed IV's vision of the African continent.

With its ancestral relations with African countries and its strategic location, Morocco has returned to its past as an actor on the African continent. It has taken the path to mutual economic, social and cultural development: and win-win relations with other African countries.

Indeed, since its return to the African scene, Morocco has shown remarkable dynamism; thus, substantial projects have been launched, such as the gas pipeline linking Nigeria to Morocco over a distance of 4000 km, a current megaproject in light of the crisis in this area that is hitting Europe caused by the war in Ukraine. Morocco has become the leading African investor in Africa with investments that affect various sectors such as telecom finance, mining, agriculture or agri-food, says the author.

In order to promote its position and orientation, an arsenal of initiatives has been created and cultural and societal bridges have been erected towards Africa to pave the way for this African vision; stresses the author.

On the political scene, recalls the book, the kingdom has experienced a radiation that does not deceive with the consolidation of its bilateral and multilateral relations and its adherence to the Abraham Peace Agreements showing an advanced maturity and sense of pacifism,

These efforts were crowned by the opening of dozens of consulates on the territory of Moroccan Sahara; this territory, which is experiencing considerable economic development in key sectors beyond the national level such as sea fishing and renewable energy.

In addition, an ambitious project has been launched on its doors to Africa, it is the Atlantic port of Dakhla in the extreme south of the kingdom in a concordance between its positions on the internal and external levels of its global vision of the future of the region.

A development, according to the book, which served as a locomotive for the rebound observed on the social conditions of the populations of the territory thus recording significant scores of socio-economic indicators with one of the lowest unemployment rates in Moroccan regions and a standard of living above the national average.

It is an illustrating example of South-South cooperation that is getting on track opening hope for this continent, which is at a decisive moment in its history. A conference to present the book "Morocco, the potential for transformative change", was held this Wednesday at the Swiss Press Club in Geneva. This conference was an opportunity for Noureddine OBAD, a Swiss-Moroccan specialist in socio-economic development based in Switzerland, to present his latest book entitled: "Morocco, the potential for transformative change.

During the said presentation, which was made jointly with Pr. Henri Louis VÉDIE, French economist, professor emeritus at HEC Paris, the author highlighted the progress of the Kingdom on the socio-economic level, including in its southern provinces.

The conference was attended by around a hundred people, in the presence of the two Ambassadors of the Kingdom in Bern and Geneva, the Chief Rabbi of Geneva, several foreign diplomats and Moroccan nationals living in the Swiss Confederation.

At the end of the conference, there was a fruitful exchange with the audience, which raised relevant and constructive questions.

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