Algerian-Russian Military Maneuvers "Desert Shield 2022" Planned For November 2023

Algerian-Russian Military Maneuvers "Desert Shield 2022" Planned For November 2023

Moscow, February 14 (TNA) Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei LAVROV, in a statement on the channel "Russia Today (Arabic)" earlier this month, contrary to the denials of the Algerian authorities, has confirmed a joint military exercise with Algeria, planned for November this year.

Algeria, by denying the holding of this military exercise, raises questions about the motivations of this deceitful act aimed at misleading international public opinion. This attitude provides further irrefutable proof of the hypocrisy and fickleness of Algeria, a country that is not to be trusted.

Despite Western pressure to distance themselves from Moscow, Algerian decision-makers remain determined to serve Russia's interests by offering it strategic access to the western Mediterranean.

Algiers adopts an opportunistic posture by falsely advancing the cancellation of the Algerian-Russian maneuvers in order not to hurt its relations with the West, its main energy client, by quoting a statement of the Algerian Ministry of National Defense (MDN), in the evening news of November 28, 2022, broadcast by the Algerian public television (ENTV).

The statement of the Russian MFA, which follows the visit of the Chief of Staff of the Algerian Army in Paris, is presented as a response to the West. It aims to send a message about the unchangeable nature of relations and the high degree of cooperation that characterizes the two countries.

All these developments confirm the dilemma Algeria is facing, trying to satisfy the expectations of the West while keeping its strategic and historical relations with Russia intact.

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