Algerian Opposition Leader Amira Bouraoui Arrested And ‘Abducted’ In Tunisia

Algerian Opposition Leader Amira Bouraoui Arrested And ‘Abducted’ In Tunisia

Tunisia, February 6 (TNA) Algerian opposition figure Amira Bouraoui, one of the most well-known and dedicated activists fighting for democratic change in Algeria, was arrested by Tunisian authorities at the Tunis-Carthage international airport as she was preparing to leave Tunisia for France on Friday.

According to investigations by Algérie Part, she was temporarily detained and later released on Monday, February 6th, under provisional liberty while awaiting her appearance in a Tunisian court for charges related to illegal entry into Tunisian territory. The former leader of the opposition movement Barakat in 2014 was reportedly "banned from leaving Algerian territory," but no formal judicial decision had been made by a competent court to justify this restriction of freedom of movement.

However, according to multiple sources contacted by Algérie Part, after Amira Bouraoui was conditionally released by Tunisian authorities, plainclothes agents abducted her from the streets of the Tunisian capital, taking her to an unknown destination. Her loved ones are desperately seeking any information that could indicate her whereabouts and fear the worst.

The Tunisian authorities have not yet commented on the abduction, and there is no information yet on the identity of Amira Bouraoui's kidnappers. She has not been convicted of any crimes in Tunisia as she has not yet been officially judged, and there is no arrest warrant issued against her by the Algerian authorities. Finally, several sources have informed our editorial team that Tunisian authorities are preparing to extradite her to Algeria at the express request of the Algerian authorities.

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