Algerian Army Shoots Resident Duo At Tindouf Camps

Algerian Army Shoots Resident Duo At Tindouf Camps

The Algerian army shot dead two residents of Tindouf camps in southwestern Algeria on the night of Saturday, Informed sources on Monday reported. The two Sahrawis, Lakbir Ould Mohamed Ould Sid Ahmed Ould Markhi and Ould Mohamed Fadel Ould Lamam Ould Chagaibin, both of whom belong to the Rguibatt Salam tribe, were five kilometers west of the Tindouf camps in a vehicle all-terrain vehicles that they used in their fuel traffic.

An avalanche of bullets fired by elements of the Algerian army, without any warning, surprised the two men, one of whom fell dead instantly. The same sources confirmed that the family of the deceased had recovered his body after a visit to the mortuary service of Tindouf hospital. This is not the first time that Algerian forces have opened fire on defenseless residents of Tindouf camps.

Over the past 5 years, no less than twenty Saharawi victims have been killed by the ANPI. The Saharawis tried to escape outside the Bentouf camp, via the "Hafar Jerb" zone, about 26 kilometers south of the so-called Dakhla camp, but were immediately overtaken by Algerian soldiers who did not. hesitated to shoot them at point blank range.

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