27 US Air Force Personnel Dismissed For Refusing To Take Covid Jab

27 US Air Force Personnel Dismissed For Refusing To Take Covid Jab

Washington, December 15 (TNA) With the spectre of the third Corona wave haunting the world, many government have started to scale up the precautionary measures. In one such move, the government of the United States Of America (USA) has dismissed 27 personnel of the US Air Force, for they had not complied with the mandatory innoculation directives of the government.

This is first such action against any government employee anywhere in the world. The US Air Force had given its soldiers until November 2 to get the vaccination done. Air Force spokesperson N. Stefanek said that these are the first airmen to be removed administratively due to reasons related to the vaccine.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said vaccination is important to maintain the health of security forces and their ability to deal with a national security crisis.

Stefanek further said, these airmen were given a chance to explain why they refused to take the vaccine but no one gave any explanation in this regard. 97 percent of America's soldiers have been vaccinated. 79 American soldiers posted in various forces have since died due to Covid-19.

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