The Saturday Book Review: Ruskin Bond's How To Be A Writer

The Saturday Book Review: Ruskin Bond's How To Be A Writer

Title: How to be a Writer

Author: Ruskin Bond

Publisher: Harper Collins (2020)

ISBN: 978-93-5357-937-1

Rating: *****

From the Pen, of one of the Finest Authors in the Indian Sub-Continent, Ruskin Bond ,comes a book which will inspire Millions all over the world to fulfil their dreams of excelling in the art of Writing.

“Writing for me is the simplest and the greatest pleasure in the world” writes Ruskin Bond And that in the simplest terms conveys that passion rides a Writer to excellence.

How to be a Writer is peppered with nuggets of practical advice for every person who is aspiring to write and be published “ So, what is that a person requires the most to become a writer? A love of books, of language , of life , an observant eye and a good memory along with enthusiasm, optimism and persistence”

Coming from an author felicitated with the coveted National Honours Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri and with over 70 years of a highly successful writing career, Ruskin Bond takes the reader through the entire process.

How do you begin, What are the qualities you need to be a writer, Preparation and training yourself to be a writer, Style and vocabulary, Creating Characters, Different genres of writing –Political,Humour,Fiction, etc and getting Published have all been communicated with the simplicity and humour of Ruskin.

How important it is for a budding writer to keep writing, reading and being in constant observation of the beauty of words and their sentences In his words anyone can become a writer but not everybody can be a good writer . He shows you the way how to succeed against all odds and the dissatisfaction, success, pitfalls that are a part of the Writers World.

The importance of self belief and commitment are necessary ingredients of the roadmap to success Because writing is a lonely profession For most of the time you are on your own.You work alone in solitude and your patience is tested time and again.

He talks of the need to dream and create the story in your mind before you actually get down to writing In his own humorous way he says “Waste-paper baskets were invented by frustrated authors. And I use one too ". To read, to write, to be read, the perfect combination.

Ruskin’s book has enthused me too, and I feel his book HOW TO BE A WRITER will prove to be a bestseller and will provide a platform to budding authors not only in English but across the country in any language they feel confident about . A must possess.

(The author of this book review is a Lucknow-based businessman and Co-Chairman PHD Chambers of Commerce and the Founder Chair of Confederation of Indian Industry-Young Indians.)

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