The Saturday Book Review: Laws Of The Spirit World

The Saturday Book Review: Laws Of The Spirit World

Title: Laws of the Spirit World

Author: Khorshed Bhavnagri

Publisher: Jaico Books

ISBN: 978-81-7992-985-8

TNA Rating: *****

All that glitters is not Gold. Similarly all that we see is not the only real. All that exists, is not necessary seen or visible. The visible World is like a floating Glacier, one third above the water and two third not visible to the naked eye below the water.

There are many complexities some of which remain in the domain of the unknown or unfathomable. Some call them mysteries or fantasies but for those who have traversed those experiences find them as real as an arm or a leg or as a touch and see real life living experience.

Existence on different frequencies - one visible and the other only felt within. Khorshed Bhavnagri the author takes us through her true life experiences to expose another world which exists in parallel to our very own world. None of it is fiction. It is her own life story.

The knowledge that I gained about the afterlife through Khorshed Bhavnagri - or Khorshed Aunty as I called her was recognition more than discovery. It was something my Soul already knew to me, the afterlife is simply an extension of this life. We are all spokes of a wheel, coming to a centre, which is ONE GOD We are all connected....over the last 25 years thousands of people came to them and received spiritual knowledge, guidance, comfort and healing.
Shiamak Davar

It is for the reader to believe what she narrates or many would drill holes into her experiences armed with the logic of the limited human potential. Khorshed and Rumi Bhavnagri lived in Mumbai with their two sons - Vispi and Ratoo. As the boys grew up they were extremely interested in all aspects of motoring and they set up a Garage for motor services and repair. They participated in several motor rallies.

In 1980, Vispi and Ratoo were to enter a 1632 mile cross country motor rally and before that they went for a trial run but met with an accident and both died. Khorshed, the mother was crestfallen and upset with her Gods. She was a deeply religious lady and in her words “I was ready to give up God, religion and life”.

Then something wonderful happened. On the 29th day after the funeral a neighbour while sitting in a concert overheard a lady speak of two boys who had died in an accident and wanted to send a message to their parents. Khorshed and her husband met the lady the next day and during a ‘seance’ wanted to let their shattered parents know that they were happy in the spirit world and not to worry as they could see their parents.

In subsequent sessions they communicated “Mom and Dad this is Vispi and Ratoo, yes we died and reached the spirit world within minutes of our death. It is God’s will and God knows what is best for each one of us. God is good. You must not cry for us or miss us, we are much happier here. We can see you all the time and are looking after you. We cannot communicate with you until you are completely relaxed and happy, you have to develop powers of concentration.

Khorshed and Rumi subsequently developed the powers to communicate directly with their sons and what follows through the book is revelations of the spirit world and how they view us and the world we live in.

Insights of right and wrong, God’s will, the seen and unseen dimensions and the continuous guidance of unseen well-wishers through a veil of invisibility. Eerie? Does it not seem so. Yet with her conviction and the real life experiences, one does succumb to her belief and it does leave one with a question-Are we being watched and being guided?

Khorshed’s book is an eye opener. A revelation that we go nowhere after death, we just shift to different frequencies and remain in touch. Just that we are unaware ...or are we... find out for yourself!

(The book review has been done by a Lucknow-based businessman, Chairman, MSME Confederation of Micro, Small, Medium Enterprise UP and Co-Chairman PHD Chambers of Commerce and the Founder Chair of Confederation of Indian Industry-Young Indians.)

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